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paste::util::PySourceColor::Parser Class Reference

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Detailed Description

MoinMoin python parser heavily chopped :)

Definition at line 1218 of file PySourceColor.py.

Public Member Functions

def __call__
def __init__
def format

Public Attributes

 Seperate the diffrent operator types Brackets.
 bugfix for the last empty tag.

Private Member Functions

def _doCSSEnd
def _doCSSFooter
def _doCSSHeader
def _doCSSStart
def _doCSSStyleSheet
def _doHTMLEnd
def _doHTMLFooter
def _doHTMLHeader
def _doHTMLStart
def _doPageEnd
def _doPageFooter
def _doPageHeader
def _doPageStart
def _doSnippetEnd
def _doSnippetStart
def _doXHTMLEnd
def _doXHTMLFooter
def _doXHTMLHeader
def _doXHTMLStart
def _doXHTMLStyleSheet
def _getBackColor
def _getCSSStyle
def _getDocumentCreatedBy
def _getFile
def _getForeColor
def _getHTMLStyles
def _getLineNumber
 Some of these are not used anymore but are kept for documentation.
def _getMarkupClass
def _getPageColor
def _getStyle
def _getTags
def _sendCSSStyle
def _sendCSSText
def _sendHTMLText
def _sendXHTMLText

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